The Greens mining spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters will move for a moratorium on coal seam gas in the Senate today, providing both Labor and the Coalition an opportunity to show where they stand.

The motion will call on the Government to implement an immediate moratorium on any new coal seam gas approvals until the long term impacts of the industry on our groundwater, agriculture, rural communities, threatened species, the climate and the Great Barrier Reef are known.

“My motion today is a test for both the old parties: will they join the Greens in supporting the environment and rural communities, or will they continue to put short-term economic interests ahead of the long-term public interest?” Senator Waters said.

“Last month’s Galaxy poll revealed 68 per cent of Australians support a moratorium on coal seam gas until the long-term health and environmental impacts are known.

“This rapid and reckless expansion of coal seam gas is not wanted by the Australian community, or by the majority of Australian farmers.

“Tony Abbott can’t decide if he supports farmers or the mining industry, and Labor has given no clear response to overwhelming public concern.

“The fact is it’s not proven that coal seam gas can co-exist with agriculture, because we don’t know enough about long-term impacts of coal seam gas on connections between underground aquifers.

“Food security should be beyond politics – all parties should support a moratorium until we have the scientific information that coal seam gas is safe for our water, our health or our environment.”


  1. And result was? ,you guessed it both the coalition and labor voted against it , as if you can get a rangasaurus and a budgiesaurus to expand its lizard brain !

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