The date is set , let us see what focus is brought to bear on Mining in the WideBay Burnett Region .

25th January 2012
With the Premier announcing the election date of the 24th March 2012, The Wide Bay
Burnett Environment Council Inc will be focussing on 6 key environmental issues
relevant to the future sustainable management of the regions resources:
· The Protected Area Estate
· Special and Natural Places
· The Marine Environment
· An Ecologically-Sustainable Society
· Fossil Fuels and Mining
· Legal Reform
We see the primary environmental issues in the WBB region likely to influence
voting as being the potential impacts from open cut coal mining and CSG extraction
within both the Mary and Burnett Catchments. There is considerable uncertainty in
the minds of agricultural communities, as to which political party has the courage to
take on the mining sector ‘, said WBBEC Coordinator Emma-Kate Currie.

The Resources Industry has experienced unlimited access to Queensland’s Resources
irrespective of where they are located. The unprecedented amount of applications for
Exploration Permits, Authorities to Prospect and Mining Leases seen in Queensland
in the past 12 months is a major cause for concern not only for the Environment but
for Agriculture and Communities. Outside of Brisbane, these issues will be the
primary focus for votes particularly in farming communities.

While the current QLD environmental legislation framework has very tight controls
on what farmers and urban developers can do to the landscape, the mining sector is
exempt and has been seen by both the LNP and ALP as the ‘holy grail industry’ with
a carte blanche licence to impact the regional environment, prime agricultural land
and communities. We expect Katter’s Australian Party to have a significant impact on
this issue considering their election commitment for a moratorium on Coal Seam
Gas,” said WBBEC President Roger Currie.

WBBEC will produce an environmental score card to be complete by all candidates
within The Wide Bay Burnett Region. Candidates can expect to receive the score card
in late February. After receiving responses from all candidates and assessing the
information provided, the Candidate will be issued with a score out of 10. The results
will be published on 16th March.

WBBEC also plans to host Environmental Public Forums throughout the region
providing voters with the opportunity to question candidates on key environmental
issues within their electorate.
For more information Contact:
Roger Currie: 0448 917 571 or 07 41934260
Emma-Kate Currie: 0423 932 431

Media Release 25th January- Wide Bay Burnett Region-Environmental Issues for the State Election

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