Rob messenger the former LNP member for Burnett was opposed to a coal export facility at port Bundaberg , the rest is history .

The Deputy Premier who holds the portfolio of planning and infrastructure, recently attended a meeting of the WBB RPAC , and was vociferous about his government locking in such a facility , http://www.news-mail.com.au/news/bundy-port-expansion-discussion/1647116/ .

This then begs the question of who is paying for this mammoth infrastructure. not the Newman government , I would venture , so is it to be the coal proponents ?, Clive Palmer from his Alpha mine , Gina Rhinehart from her joint ventures which includes the exploration unit called International Coal http://www.intercoal.com.au/bundaberg-project.htm ,  who have found the Burrum Coal measures coking coal slivers at the mouth of the Kolan River ?, or perhaps Fox Resources , who are banking on what Intercoal have found ?

Maybe NEWHOPE mining who are having  cold feet about the proposed Colton Coal mine www.frasercoastchronicle.com.au/news/colton-mine-in-limbo-as-nec-awaits-news/1649454/#c455936 , which Mark Turner and co  sold to them ?, or indeed Tiaro Energy Corporation , which has none other than the illustrious former Hawke government treasurer John Dawkins http://www.tiarocoal.com.au/Board-of-Directors.html  , as a director no less !

BHP BILLITON are also getting cold feet , http://reneweconomy.com.au/2012/bhp-billiton-coal-is-going-to-decline-and-frankly-it-should-21872, and yet here we have the member for Callide clinging desperately to Jurassic/Cretaceous dinosaur political economics !

So lets discuss the constraints to this bold promise for the Federal Coalition seat of Hinkler.


Who will pay for it ?


Given that the Colton Mine proposal is having serious difficulties meeting the state government legislative requirements for water discharges and biodiversity offsets, to protect the Mary River , what are the chances of the Tiaro Energy Corporation  proposal at Tanyalba Creek , gaining Federal and State approvals ?


With the predicted price of coking coal on the slippery dip of global markets , http://www.thenational.ae/business/markets/all-is-not-well-in-the-world-of-coking-coal , just what is the member for Callide spruiking about ?


With an admission by the State Energy Minister Mark Mcardle , that the Maryborough Sedimentary basin and in particular the shale gas depositions of the Elliott system , http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-07-31/shale-gas-to-be-extracted-in-qld/4165244?section=qld, are being targeted , are we talking about a CSG facility at Bundaberg ?


97%  FOX RESOURCES LAYOUT of the area which Intercoal and Fox resources are looking at , is covered with sugar cane, and is mapped as Strategic Cropping soils under the QLD Strategic Cropping Soils Act 2011 , which the Bligh government introduced in a feeble attempt to convince farmers who are 99.99% LNP voters , that they would protect from mining and CSG .


This would require the deputy premier to rescind the SCL ACT  2011 , to allow the mining companies to dig up all the sugar cane in Bundaberg to get enough coal to load the ships at the proposed coal export facility!


This could become a hot political potatoe , as the State NRM minister Andrew Cripps expressly promised the farmers of Kingaroy , that he would protect Strategic Cropping lands in the WBB  from the Mining Industry , so that the LNP could win the sacred seat of Nanango.

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