Bundaberg Mayor Mal Forman is quoted in todays News- Mail  and on 7 local news , explaining to the people of North Bundaberg that the State government has no funding to assist with raising houses or relocation for flood mitigation.

A citizen has come forward to inform WBBEC that he was shown a diversion channel concept on a  computer in the office of the member for Burnett and was informed by the member Stephen Bennett that the government had $80m of the proposed $120m of funding required for the flood diversion channel , which was to direct the floodwaters to the coast between Moore Park  and the river mouth .

Minister Chrisafuli was interviewed by ABC widebay yesterday morning and discussed flood mitigation possibilities , one of which is a ‘diversion drain’.

The Minister also took the opportunity to condemn what he termed ” extremist left wing lunatic green groups who intimidate governments with press releases about environmental vandalism’, the Minister stated that he was prepared to be labelled an ‘environmental vandal’ if it meant preparing communities for flood .

We have asked the Minister to confirm or deny that the diversion channel proposal which was allegedley  discussed in the members office is on the drawing board .

If it is on the drawing board , why has the Bundaberg Mayor been told there is no money for relocating the people of North Bundaberg ? Surely it would be more sustainable to relocate the people than attempt to divert a river which could have  filled Sydney Harbour 3 times in a day , during the 2013 flood ?

WBBEC Media Release 9-05-13- QLD Government Flood Mitigation Strategy- Move the river, not the people

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