The Newman government is now looking at forking out at least $24M to repair the Beattie government ‘white elphant’ named by the former Premier Peter Beattie , ‘Paradise Dam’ .

I was told by Sunwater that the repair bill alone for restoring the operational systems was between$6-8M , so does this mean that this infrastructure which was modelled on flawed economics and has not produced 8 FTE , let alone the projected 8000 FTE it was designed for , is taking money away from the people of Bundaberg who are flood affected ?

If the repair costs do not include the costs of restoring the operational systems , thats $32M , which this ‘Beattie Wet Dream’ , is soaking up , and he promised the people of Bundaberg that it would provide a future for the Bundaberg region.

Petere Beattie should be dragged back here in chains to explain to the people who were impacted by the flood , why his ‘pet elephant’ should not be put down.

WBBEC media release Paradise Dam removal 13th June 2013

Media Release



The Newman government now needs to decide whether a $24M ‘patch up job’[1] is likely to be the last tax payer expense required for this Labor ‘white elephant’ .Paradise Dam was conceived and constructed on a political whim by the Beattie government in an attempt to retain the then labor seat of Bundaberg , a flawed economic report was used to justify its construction , based on assumptions that significant agricultural expansion from the project would lead to 7,700 FTE positions , none of which have been created , “ Peter Beattie used the ‘build it and they will come political Philosophy , which has clearly failed , there is no economic demand in the next 30 years  for the 120,000 MGL yield sitting behind the wall of this Qld Labor white elephant. Paradise Dam has not met any of its purported social , economical and ecological outcomes”, said President Roger Currie .

 The dam was designed to create $2B of annual regional economic stimulus to the Widebay Burnett regional economy, and create nearly [2]8000 new jobs, this has clearly not happened, the dam has suffered significant operational damage from the 2011 and 2013 floods , “ after being involved with this project for a decade ,  the questions I put to the Newman Government who have ‘inherited’ this water resources nightmare are ;

  • What significant economic , social and ecological outcomes  does this damaged infrastructure deliver to the region  ,?
  • Would its removal or significant lowering impact flood levels downstream?, and
  • If the dam delivers no significant economic , social and ecological outcomes to the region , and repair bill is ca $24M , what is it being repaired for ?
  • Should the money be spent on removing the infrastructure?

[2] NECG, 2001, Executive summaryIndicative economic impacts of additional water storage infrastructure in the Burnett Region” , prepared for Burnett Water Pty Ltd .




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