Are you going to see more infrastructure in places like Bundaberg as well? Will there be better dams?

Well, there’s another one. You’ve got an issue at the moment that the Minister is looking at with the Paradise Dam and I’ve actually got big thick folders sitting in my office because, with my original professional background, I’ve taken a big interest in this one as well. I’ve literally got the folders with all the options that were looked at originally with Paradise Dam. I tell you today that the Paradise Dam originally was proposed to be a much larger dam. So Paradise Dam is the only thing that we could contemplate that could have a positive flood mitigation impact in the future for Bundaberg that I have seen and that is something that is in the back of our minds. I’m not saying today that we’re investigating that one as well, but I’ve started to have a look, myself, at the documentation, the Minister has to fix some problems at the Paradise Dam that have arisen from the floods that’s happening. There’s more work being done. But this is the sort of conversation we have to have with Queenslanders. We shouldn’t just cop ongoing floods and cyclonic events and devastation to our communities. We’ve got to try and build infrastructure to protect our cities and towns. We can’t turn around the decisions that were made 150 years ago when we first settled these communities. What we CANDO though is use modern science and technology and some dollars to try and protect people.


‘One Stop Environmental Shop’ Docket for Lungfish?

The Premier has clearly indicated in his media launch today, that his government are seriously looking at the potential for Paradise Dam to be modified and be used as a flood mitigation Dam for the city of Bundaberg.

The Queensland Lungfish is a Gondwanaland living dinosaur which is currently the subject of questionable management by the State of Queensland.

“It’s really satisfying to know that the Premier has big thick folders sitting in his office, about the original proposed scale of Paradise Dam, and WBBEC looks forward to assisting the Premier and his government to ensure that a transparent assessment of the implications for Neoceratodous forsterii is completed”, said President Roger Currie.

The former QLD labor governments of Peter Beattie and Anna Bligh totally failed to show transparency, in respect of the ability for Paradise Dam to protect Lungfish.

“Traveston Dam was rejected based on the likely implications of Lungfish impacts, due to the fishway at Paradise Dam failing to adequately transfer Lungfish, up and downstream.

The fishway is now being ‘rebuilt’, as it was destroyed by the 2011 flood.

The question now is, ‘should Sunwater have to spend $M’s of rebuilding something, which the Premier has just cast a shadow over?”, said Roger

Protecting Bundaberg will require a dam capacity similar to Wivenhoe, and that, will require a whole new approach to designing a ‘fish transfer device which is suitable for Lungfish’, the old fishway cost $26m to build and DAFF reports prove that it is a failure, rebuilding it will cost ca $8m.

We are talking serious money here, $1B is the starting point, for protecting Bundaberg and the state is broke, assets sales would fund this scale on infrastructure.

The drama now for the Newman government is that there is a daft  Federal Lungfish Recovery Plan, which   Minister Powell will need to endorse,   which shows that high dams are the key threat to the survival of this Jurassic/Gondwanaland survivor.

Federal Environment Minster Greg Hunt now has a ‘one stop environmental shop’, which has removed all the green tape from its shelves, for approvals to protect MNES (Matters of National Environmental Significance) , in fact we might now see the Newman government claiming that they can use the yet to be released ‘QLD Environmental Offsets Policy , to ‘offset lungfish’?

‘Would this mean that we need to use all the lungfish in the Mary as ‘offsets’ , for all the Lungfish we would lose from a Mega Paradise Dam?, could we build Borumba and save Lungfish?, these are legitimate questions , and The Premier is quoted , ‘with my original professional background, I’ve taken a big interest in this one as well’, so WBBEC looks forward to educating the Premier and Minister Chrisafuli , about how best to protect Lungfish and the people of Bundaberg’, said Roger

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