Media Release
Tuesday 15th July 2014
Both the Federal Divisional Council and the Gympie State Electoral council of the Liberal National Party of Queensland , appear to have severe learning disabilities , when it comes to managing the future health of the Mary river , motion number 35 was put to the convention to investigate building dams on the Mary river , to give greater water security to SEQ , fortuitously the resolution was lost , but this begs the question ,’what is inherently lacking in the powerbrokers of the Gympie regional LNP , in that they have learned nothing from the Traveston Dam campaign ‘?,
“ there appears to be a distinct learning disability within this core group of political powerbrokers , when it comes to protecting the threatened species of the Mary River , State Environment Minister Andrew Powell , must shake his head in dismay , when he sees these type of motions put forward , given that he has the draft EPBC 1999 Mary Species recovery plan on his desk, ?, perhaps these powerbrokers need to undergo some biodiversity tuition after school , to get up to the level of biodiversity understanding which most primary school children currently have?”, said WBBEC President Roger Currie.
Given the current community dissatisfaction for the LNP in Queensland, it’s not surprising that the motion did not survive, WBBEC has an unequivocal pre election guarantee from the Premier, that he will do his utmost to ensure that the Queensland Lungfish will be protected by the Newman government, who at least appear to have gained a modicum of understanding of the appalling treatment metered out by the Former Beattie and Bligh governments to this iconic living dinosaur.
“However Praise where praise is due , WBBEC salutes the rank and file members of the Qld LNP for showing the Gympie LNP powerbrokers , which side their political/electoral toast is buttered on, I think these powerbrokers , should stand up and be counted by the people of the Mary valley , before the next state election ,” said Roger
For more information contact
Roger on BH 07 41 943 260 MOB 0448 917 571

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