The Regional Planning Interest process is commencing toomorrow with a 2 hour meeting , to be chaired by the Deputy Premier in Bundaberg.

WBBEC has been asked to accept a seat at the table to assist with identfying ALL areas of  Strategic Environmental Significance.

Both the Central and Darling Downs planning process had no conseration sector representation and no Strategic Environmental Areas were mapped.

WBBEC looks forward to assisting the government to identify and map ‘designated precincts’ which are ‘no go’ areas for development.

During the evidence presented by DSDIP officials to Inquiry into the Regional Planning Interests Regulation 2014 on 3 July 2014, there was an exchanges about this:

CHAIR: ….With regards to the activities such as open-cut mining, water storage dams and broadacre cropping, if I understand the regulation correctly, they are not considered as acceptable activities in strategic environmental areas, designated precincts; is that correct?
Ms Nottingham: That is correct.

CHAIR: Is there any intention to review that, or is there any flexibility in that, or is it a hard and fast rule that they are not acceptable, and that is the case until the act changes?

Ms Nottingham: That concept of an unacceptable use is given effect through the criteria, particularly under section 15, part 1(b)(i). So that is one aspect of those criteria, and it is very clear-cut. It is a yes or no answer. If a proposal were to be considered in that area and it was for one of those uses, as soon as you got to that part of the criteria that said if the activity is being carried out in a designated precinct in the strategic environmental area, is it or is it not unacceptable? So in that sense it is very clear-cut that, as soon as you came to do this assessment, it would not pass that part of the criteria.

Fraser Island has already been mapped , despite the process not commencing , what does this mean?


Pages from regional-planning-interests-regulation-2014



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