The first image below is a 2013 google earth image of ablue gum tree stump , offshore from Sirenia beach. The next  image  is of the Blue gum stump , which is now 80m east of HAT at Sirenia beach , south of Burrum Heads. 100 ya this would have been a tree growing just landward of HAT.

Its there , i said hello to it today.

If this tree was 20m landward of HAT 100 years ago , this means that SLR over the last 100 years has resulted in HAT moving 100m west.

The table below the image shows that it is estimated that HAT will be 340m west of where it is now at Burrum Heads.

If you go to Google earth and use the ruler tool , you can measure 50m from the Urangan rockwall to see that Vic Hislops shark show will be in front of the foreshore in 2100.

The image below the table is the predicted  migration westward of HAT at Toogoom by 2100 from the report linked below.


google stump




The link below is to the storm surge modelling for Hervey Bay



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