Become a WBBEC Member

The WBBEC always welcomes new members who share the same general ideals as us; the desire for a healthy and resilient environment that is capable of  sustaining us all (humans, flora, fauna, soil, microbes etc) into the future. At WBBEC this is achieved by protecting biodiversity, promoting sustainability (environmental, social and economic) and encouraging the integration of the best available environmental science into all aspects of private and government decision making.

Membership with the WBBEC starts at just $20 per year.

Groups who sign up for membership before June 30 2015 are eligible for 12 months membership at 50% off!!!

Individual and household members who sign up before June 30 2015 will receive a free Welcome Pack including a WBBEC hat, drink cooler, bumper stickers and fridge magnets! In addition to this great offer, the first 5 individual/household members to sign up during this period will receive a free copy of the Documentary Film ‘GASLAND’!

Download our membership form below; complete the details and email it to

WBBEC Membership Form


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